Thanksgiving Weekend Canada – The Princess in Deh House

On Monday, October 9th the Marcia Tulloch show was able to interview Bellavie Olotu is a Princess from the house of Olotu.  Most of us have consistently hear about the greatness from which we have been disconnected but seldom get the opportunity to experience it first hand. However, on this Thanksgiving Monday we at Rootz Reggae Radio during a special presentation of the Marcia Tulloch Show got that opportunity and we much say it was very rewarding. Listen to Bellavie as she speaks about the upcoming movie The Princess and her life as it relates to being a real-life Princess, woman, actress, mother, entrepreneur and so much more.

We encourage you to come out and see the movie support cultural presentations as they come to us one at a time.

Here’s a message from Bellavie

Conversation with Bellavie Olotu


Movie Trailer and remember help make history and come on out to this Canadian Premiere.


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