Movember 2017

Fall has arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere and the cooler weather usually brings a change to the habits of most people. This year around the world there has been a lot of conversation about climate change and the measures needed to try and reverse as many of the effects as possible. Therefore when you are outdoors take some time to enjoy the beauty of nature as the leaves on the trees change to reveal their true colors. As you do also consider that some of those trees may not even be there next year at this same time!

On another topic, another subject that is ever-present on the human mind is health. Most places here and beyond do things to raise awareness about specific health issues. For instance, October is widely recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and although there have been strides made to reduce this disease there is still more that needs to be done.

Stepping into November or Movember as it is affectionately known in regards to men’s health, the focus shifts towards cancers that are specific to men and their overall health. As a company based in Canada we would like to take a moment and ask that you recognize the Walnut Foundation who are doing their part to raise awareness about Prostate Cancer, a subject that is still very taboo especially in the Black community.

We hope as you head into the winter months and the cold makes the days seem longer than usual; you take the extra time to look after your health both physically and mentally. Please be aware of the world around you and keep a positive attitude, as that is the greatest comforter.

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