Caribbean Carnival is in the Air – 50 and beyond

Louis Saldenah, a native of Trinidad and Tobago where it is said produces one of the greatest shows on earth referring to Carnival/Carnvale. The name Saldenah is synonymous with Mas band presentations and like his father, he has been able to bring that majestic style to Canada since in 1970s. So as Toronto prepares to celebrate it’s 50th theatrical Carnival performance on the streets of Lakeshore Blvd in conjunction with Canada’s 150th celebration of the Confederation of the country, Louis Saldenah is ready to put on another fabulous show.

Spectra One Films was able to capture the band launching presentation and it continues to reflect the cultural content we expect from a Saldenah presentation. Not surprisingly this years presentation also embraced aspects of Canadian life that this generation have come to know as their own. Come out and participate in the 50th Anniversary of the Caribbean’s gift to a country some it’s best and brightest people  have chosen to call their new home!

Here is “Celebration Time” Saldenah Mas Band

For further information on on some of the other bands please visit this link.


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