Thoughts for BHM 2017

As we stride headstrong into celebrations of another Black History Month it is evident that the world as we have known it over the past few years is experiencing dramatic turmoil. For the past 8 years we were fortunate to witness the first African-American President in the United States of American do his best to initiate positive change.

Barack Obama’s presidency was a dream that most Black people never thought would happened in their lifetime. While we observe from a distance some of the obstacles he had to face and manage to overcome with such grace, dignity and decorum it is extremely difficult to see what is considered to be the most democratic country in the world going down a path that is filled with fear mongering, anxiety and giving permission to those in society who believe in oppression.

As we watched the transition of power in the USA, on the heels of the Martin Luther King Day celebrations which is recognized around the world in various ways, it was evident that the I, Me self-centered, self-absorbed era is about to grab a foot-hold once again.

So, as we step into this year’s Black or African History Month let us not be complacent and as melinated people in the Americas and around the world it’s time to awake the ancestral consciousness that has allowed us to survive and coexist with our fellow man. To quote the keynote speaker – (Rev Dr. Anthony Bailey from the opening ceremonies of Black History Month at the Library & Archives Canada which sits on First Nation’s Territory in Ottawa, Canada.)
“We are experiencing societal tumors that are causing amnesia.”

Looking forward, these Black History celebrations need to recognize the challenges ahead. We need to be vigilant by arming ourselves with the knowledge of the past along with the knowledge of today. Be conscious of the happening in the world around you and realize these things have a ripple affect. Never let society fall so far into amnesia that unethical thinking spreads to infect people’s minds like an inchoral disease.

Stand in solidarity with the indigenous people of the world because no matter where they may reside they all believe in the philosophy of One Love, One Blood, One Heart. Believe that there is always hope but that it doesn’t manifest itself by silence.

Paying it Forward in your Community

As you have been aware Nanny M.I.S.T.I.K (Musically Inspired Spiritual Thought Increases Knowledge) was taken to fulfill a higher purpose and that we will not question. However, the circumstances under which she left us were horrific and to that we have spoken and will continue to speak. There's a fund that has been started to assist in the village being able to raise the children and we ask that you continue to show love by contributing.

Nanny Mistik's Children

Awareness Campaign

Awareness Campaign

Charitable Foundation

Vernon's Charity Foundation

Caribbean Tales Film Festival '17

Community Event

Pan African Women's Day

African women and youth organizing for power and change!

Community Event

10th Annual Errol Barrow Memorial Dinner

In attendance will be the Prime Minister of Barbados with live entertaiinment provided by Red Plastic Bag, Susan G and Music by Phase 4 Sound Crew.


Caribbean Music and Entertainment Awards

This is the 5th Annual Caribbean Music and Entertainment Awards and as far as we are aware the one that most closely represents the region in it's totality! Supports the arts and it's creators!

Live Event


Community Event

Ottawa Welcome The World

Caribbean Music and Entertainment Awards 2017

Celebrating Barbados at 50

Barbados 50th Independence

Hoop It 2 Win It

First Annual Hoop It 2 Win It YouTube play

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